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holding tank & through hull project

May 25, 2014

Our latest upgrade of the boat was to get rid of one of our two holding tanks, take out the corroded through hull and make a new one for the toilet.

Not so easy, first we had to cut all the stinky hoses, get the pump off, and remove just everything before we got the huge plastic tank out.

Then disassemble the toilet pump. Yes, this is just great, shit from decades!

Then we had to make a new hole for a new through hull, that worked well as it’s above waterline now. To get one under the waterline we need to get the boat out of the water for more than a few hours.
This can wait.

The whole thing was important as the old through hull was corroded. While beaching Hannes tried to move it and it burst into pieces. Well, good thing we did that now, could have been quite a disaster while sailing. One can sink a boat with those things!
They took the wrong material while building the boat.
So now there’s only one hole on this side of the boat for the toilet water intake.

Now everything’s fine, the hose is much shorter, the toilet got new membranes and o rings. And no more thinking about pumping the tank empty anymore, YES!!!!

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