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dinghy cover, nearly done

April 25, 2014
new dinghy cover

new dinghy cover

Our inflatable (actually it’s a deflatable, we have to pump every day!) dinghy get’s very old. We don’t know how old it really is.

But the material is weak and get’s holes easily so I decided to give it some protection.
A bit late but better now than never!
The sun eats just everything!

A not so easy project.

The material I used is old also, tent material, new it’s very thin but strong.
By now it’s used and with sun damage, one part was our Pukurini sail.
The other was a Pukurini spray hood.
One part we used to keep the deck clean while filling tanks and so on.
Small pieces of fabric and bigger ones.

Got interesting to get big sized pieces made out of those.
And then it’s plenty of trying on.
This one can do only very early morning before the breeze starts.
So every day put it on, then change something or continue. All together it took 10 days or so. But only two days were really busy, it gets quite a big thing to handle!

Now there’s still some minor changes to do but at least it’s finally on!


Problem I have now is finding the dinghy as I always think it’s gone, someone stole it, the wind took it, whatever, but NO, just a different look!

A bit too military for my taste!

I might make a nicer one one day (I have bright red tent material on board), at least I have nice patterns now!

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