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Seoul Day 4

March 31, 2014
Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival

On my last day I can’t go far as I have to head to the airport in the afternoon, so I just walk through parks, along the stream and to my last palace. And at the end I find the restaurant I was looking for all the time, an English menu and a display with all the dishes, and cheap. A Korean style fast food place, I wish I’ve found it after arrival!
Mostly you find places with plenty of fatty meat dishes, pork belly etc. and Ribs on BBQ, those smell fantastic but are out of my price range.
Well, I didn’t starve, and I really want to come again and spend more time. Also go countryside and visit some national parks!


The sights of day 4:

Tagpol Park: Korea’s first western style park, designed 1897 on the site of Won’gak-sa Temple, home to Won’gak-sa pagoda, erected 1466 and nowadays behind glass

Jogyesa Temple: see day 2

Cheonggyecheon (Stream): 10,8km long stream, it was covered and used a sroads, 2005 it was changed back into an ecological stream with promenades on both sides

Cheonggye Plaza: modern art at the well of the stream

Gyeonghui-gung Palace: 1616 erected near the western gate, long history of tearing down and building up differently, since 1990 renovation is going on with building replicas of old buildings

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