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Seoul Day 3

March 30, 2014
Deoksugung Palace & City Hall

Deoksugung Palace & City Hall

The day is about the same as the one before, with different sights, walking around, hiking up to the city wall trail, instead of a museum I visit the new City Hall. And plenty of sunshine!

Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village

Street Art

Street Art

The sights of day 3:

Bukchon Hanok Village: preservation zone for traditional style houses, over 900 mostly private residences can still be seen

Samcheong Park: a huge park with fitness areas and playgrounds leading up to the city wall trail

Mt.Bugaksan city wall trail: this part of the trail leading up to Mt.Bugaksan (342m) is a military zone, entry only allowed with passport

Deoksugung Palace: built as private residence in the mid 1400s, the only villy that was not destroyed 1592 and was converted to a temporary palace 1593, restored and opened for the pulblic in 1933

Seoul Plaza & City Hall: the former city hall, constructed 1926, is now the Seoul Metropolitan Library, the New City Hall is an ecofriendly building with the world’s largest indoor green wall and is open for the public with miniconcerts, exhibitions and markets

inside City Hall

inside City Hall

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