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Seoul arrival

March 28, 2014
specialty: fatty meats

specialty: fatty meats

After an eleven hours flight I land on Incheon Airport. It’s a very modern airport, no queues at immigration and my bag’s already on the belt as I arrive there.

Very fast! The Insa Guesthouse, where I booked a room, is downtown so I have to get there.
There’s two possibilities: first directly with the airpost shuttle bus for 8€, second with the fast train and 2 different subways for 3€.

I’m feeling adventurous and take the second choice but I didn’t know that changing trains makes you hike up and down staircases and through tunnels with no end. The trains are pretty full also and my bags are getting heavier and heavier.

With a good description from my guesthouse hosts I find it easily, nice place, small room and very clean with a private bathroom. There’s a lounge and a kitchen for common use.

Bibimbap, traditional Korean food

Bibimbap, traditional Korean food

It’s really downtown, I don’t have to take any transportation during my whole stay, everything’s in walking distance, well, sometimes it does get far!
I really like it there and the young people who run it are just great.

On my first evening I head out to hunt for food. The neighbourhood’s full with shopping streets and the Insadong market where you find paper, brushes, pencils, handicrafts and art.

No food to be found in English or too expensive so I end up shopping at 7eleven and having a noodle soup at the guesthouse.
It gets chilly fast, night temperature goes down to minus 2 but there’s heating in the floor so I sleep warm and well!

The best food I find on my last day!
All dishes are on display, great!
Those who make this fooddisplays are real artists, it does look like you can eat it but it’s artificial.


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