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liveaboard gekkos

November 30, 2013



It’s time to introduce our pets. Friendly gekkos.
By now we have 5! Or maybe more, not sure.
The first jumped in the dinghy and then on board on Koro Island in May.
A pale one with black spots. We found it inside and carried it outside, but it must be an indoor gekko as it lives inside again.
On the way to Wallis we found two more, small, light brown ones. Look exactly the same and were very friendly to each other.



the smallest one

the smallest one

In Tonga we carried two more onto Optimist. One swam for it’s life as I rinsed an ant nest off the bananas. Climbed on my leg and then lived inside the bananas till we finished them. Then moved into the basket where we kept the papayas. Last one we discovered was a tiny brownish one with darker patterns, pretty, this one lives outside. He sit’s beside the pineapples and bananas waiting for small fruitflies, must work as we don’t have any.

The problem we had till now was lack of food. In Wallis there were just no insects at all, too far offshore and too windy. In Tonga a few flying ants and some mosquitoes.
I got worried and collected dead flies and stuff. One of them eats dead insects, and even dried krill (small shrimpies we find on the hulls and on us after scraping). And it also likes sugar. But we can only see one of them coming to dinner, it sits and licks sugar, hilarious!



The others hide mostly. Every now and then on dangerous places, like inside the knifeblock.

Sometimes they start ‘talking’, noisy, and then they run around like crazy. Maybe protecting their territory? We thought some died, but hey, here they are again.
We should tag them!

It’s so funny to watch them, and actually they are very cute!
Now we are back to Savusavu, hiding in the mangroves, plenty of mosquitoes again, they’ll get fat for sure!

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