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Fiji to Wallis to Tonga, English version

September 1, 2013

Sorry for not writing anything sooner!

We left Fiji early July. Made it to Futuna. Very rough trip. Had to sail hard on the wind all the time with huge waves and current against us. While tacking we could only make 160 degree. It took us a while!
And we had troubles with the rigg, again. Lines broke, hardware broke, we were lucky that the mast still stood upright!
Good thing was that we got Dyneema lines and stuff already sent to Fiji and waited to pick it up before leaving.
After two very rolly nights in Futuna we sailed onto Wallis. Much better anchorages, nice and quiet place!
Never more than 6 sailingboats in the whole lagoon, we were the 15th to arrive this year!

There we fixed the rigging and other things. Took about 5 weeks all together, with bad weather breaks, now we have dyneema shrouds instead of 14mm wire. Hopefully it lasts!
Each testrun was scary, went through the pass into the waves, the mast started jumping around, back we went, adrenalin kicked in, interesting!

Wallis is very small, took the bikes ashore, went to all the sights (a Tongan Fort, craterlakes, plenty of churches) and moved to different anchorages to walk on nice beaches. But there’s only one really protected place where you’ll sleep well at night.

Finally the rigging looked good and we left for Tonga.
Weatherwindow was promising, wind moved to the North, off we went.
A few hours out it died, drifted more than sailed. 30 to 60 miles etmals, the last two days the wind picked up and got too strong. And right on the nose of course! Tacking again, against the current! The rigg was fine, just the autopilot died on us the day before arriving.
Easy steering but too cold and wet for our taste! Temperature goes down to 22 degrees Celsius at night, Wallis was much warmer, well, it’s winter!

Now we are in Neaifu, Vava’u group, that’s where there’s also a charterbase. A very small area with many small islands. Will start exploring tomorrow, after another run to the great market and bakery!

Fotos will follow as soon as we’ll get internet again, maybe Fiji.
Plan is to stay here a while, maybe sail to the Ha’apai group a bit South and then back to Fiji.

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