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Rainy Days

May 28, 2013

DSCN8727 spinnaker

We are on the North side of Viti Levu.
Had one great sailing day, with the spinnaker up to 7 knots, between the island and the reefs. But we had a hard time getting it down again as the wind picked up.
Need to get used to it again!

Anchor in a huge bay (well, it’s pretty open but behind the reef) in the middle of nowhere. No road, no town, no boattraffic, very quiet.
BUT we got stuck here as it is raining since two nights.
Yesterday was crazy, so dark we had to turn the lights on during the day, and raining hard.DSCN8740 water

We filled our water tanks, every jerryjug we have on board, all buckets, everything we could think of, now we have to let it rain without collecting water.
DSCN8734 bathtub

DSCN8729 bathtub

And this morning we were in for a special treat, a cool bath in our private bathtub, the Pukurini! Great!

Maybe tomorrow the rain will stop and we’ll leave towards Lautoka.
With little wind we won’t even make it in one day.
22 miles to go!

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