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February 5, 2013

Optimist is back inside the hurricane hole
spent two nights near Cousteau resort and then the wind moved West again, had to come back, no luck with the nice anchorage out there a few dry, sunny and hot days, working on the boat, what else?

remove one hydraulic steering cylinder and replace it with a new one, refill it, get the air out, after two weeks it’s still leaking on one place, we don’t know if it was worth the action or if the problem is somewhere else, need to go sailing to be sure (the rudders were not moving together, after one day sailing the were completely off)

move the navigation lights from the front beam (they got flooded while sailing and worked only two nights after fixing) up onto the reeling, Hannes made some nice throughhulls out of wood and epoxy, maybe we don’t have saltwater inside anymore, close the old cable holes and clean out the hull from saltwater in the far front (some climbing through small openings and sweating included, ahh, and sore muscles)

replace the impeller lipseal and the seal itself, not so easy as we have no idea about diesel engines (yet) fix the display that shows the engine hours (contacts were bad)

change the system for the main sail halyard (now there’s an additional shackle on top, need less power to get it up), that included some welding and plenty of polishing

repair of the hole beside the toilet (there was a huge area of soggy plywood) and made a ‘stool’ for the toilet itself, now it’s above waterline and we won’t fill up the bilge again after letting the lever open (the whole thing was a long project, cutting ply, laminating, grinding, filling, grinding…., painting, now it’s weird as the seat’s high up, we feel like kids!)

washing the fluffy green carpets in the dinghy after heavy rains at night (one only each time, they are DIRTY!, we have 12 of them), trying to dry them in between downpours (hard work, move them a couple of times, same with the laundry, ahhh, and hatches open/close/open/close, we make miles on board!)

playing with M5200, the strongest marine glue we could find:
fix one BCD (a tear in the airbladder), stick on the cockpit LEDs to the roof, put the generator stands back on, put velcros on the hatches for sunprotection (every day that didn’t look like rain we could do only a little, otherwise you get crazy with the black paste, it’s everywhere…)

sewing projects:
sunprotection for all hatches (made out of old sailcloth, glued the velcros on the aluminiumframe, if this lasts?)
covers for the cushions in the cockpit (two out of 14, that’s an everlasting project) covers for the unused beds (we can’t keep rusty or dirty things off them) repairs (backpacks, clothes, bags)

well, the ‘to do list’ is not getting shorter, we add new stuff every day, but now we have rainy days, that means a little time off!

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