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Two Weeks in Savusavu

January 11, 2013

After two weeks in Savusavu we still haven’t seen much.
The bicycles are on land waiting for action but we are just too lazy! And always find an excuse.
Raining, sunny (time to do laundry), working on the boat, tired, too late, too windy, too hot, too hungry, …

Ahh, hungry, well we’re trying different food every day and love those curries.
Very spicy and finally Cx is officially allowed to eat with the fingers. Nobody says: Don’t play with your food!
If you know how to do it it’s actually faster than using a spoon, and so much better! It’s nice to feel the food before tasting it(especially the dhal sauce makes the rice so nicely squishy).

Also tried some snacks, tiny samosas (too hot) and rotis (very good), but the rotis here are very different than those in the Caribbean.
Also had some Chinese food but will stick to Indian. There are plenty of tiny restaurant that are open only for lunch, cheap and good. And there are two bakeries, fresh bread and pastries every day. The bread is something different again, every country we come to has a different style of baking bread. Here it’s VERY soft but doesn’t get old within one night, it’s still soft after 3 days! And you can get it as a sliced Sandwich loaf, we can use our toaster out of the 60ies again! Just running low on cheese!

Two weeks feasting were enough and we moved the boat a bit. Yes, really! But the sails are down so we were allowed to motor the 4 miles.
Now we anchor close to the entrance to Savusavu Bay, close to the reef and the fancy Cousteau Resort, planning on doing some dives. Maybe take the dinghy to get closer to the outer reef. Under the boat it looks great already, some corals and plenty of parrot fish, we’ll see how energetic we will be.

Planning on going back to Savusavu next Monday. The anchorage in there is a bit too crowded for our taste, we gave away the mooring and will anchor further inside where there are less boats. And maybe we’ll make it to a mooring there, materials are ordered, they just need to arrive and then get welded and into the ground. This can take between one week and 4 month…

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