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Pukuri & Optimist, Segel Statistik / sailing statistics

December 31, 2012

Gesegelte Meilen mit Pukuri / nautical miles sailed with Pukuri:

total: 18.282

2008 4.482 (Croatia to Gibraltar, Canary Islands, Cabo Verde)

2009 3.853 (Atlantic crossing, Caribbean Islands to Venezuela)

2010 3.148 (Venezuela to Dominican Rep., Caribbean Islands to Venezuela)

2011 6.799 (Venezuela to Panama, Pacific crossing, French Polynesia)

longest trips:
Cabo Verde to Martinique: 2.173nm (14 days, January 2009)
Galapagos to Marquesas: 3.069nm (18 days, May 2011)

Gesegelte Meilen mit Optimist 2012 / miles sailed with Optimist in 2012:

total: 12.368

longest trips:
Teneriffa to Saint Martin: 3.087 (31 days, March/April)
Panama to Tahiti: 4.868 (37 days, September/October)
Suwarrow to Fiji: 1.115 (9 days, December)

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