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Maupiti, English

November 24, 2012

We leave Bora Bora on the 21st. Little wind but with the spi we’re quite fast. Only 30 miles to Maupiti.
At noon we are at the pass. This one is supposed to be very tricky, very narrow with strong current. There’s too much water coming over the reef that has to run out through the only pass.
With southerly swells it’s impossible to make the pass because of heavy breakers.
There’s a right left right combination but with our two engines it’s no problem at all. With Pukuri we wouldn’t have come here!

Maupiti looks a bit like Bora Bora but much smaller. A steep mountain in the middle, surrounded by five motus (islands). ‘Mt.Teurafaatiu’ is 380 meters high, we have to climb it!

First we anchor close to the pass near ‘Moto Pitihahei’. Idyllic, BUT there are three more boats already! That’s all there are within the whole atoll!
After lunch we paddle ashore. Rays and huge porcupinefishes follow us, the latter are so big that they make a bowwave when they escape.
And then we’re on a sandy beach again. The last one we put our toes in was on St.Barth in April.
The pass looks even smaller standing ashore, it seems you can spit over to the other motu.

The next morning we go snorkeling at ‘manta point’. Thats’s a manta beautysaloon. They come her to get a cleaning, there are four, the biggest one is about 3 to 4 meters wide. It’s hard to tell.

Then we move the boat and anchor in front of the village, we need baguette! We take the bikes for an islandtour. The whole circuit is only 10km long.
We find the ‘boulangerie’ and here we get the best baguettes in a long time, those we eat at famous ‘Tereia Beach’. The beach is only beautiful where the two bungalowresorts are set up. They are samll but their ‘tabu’ signs are big.
On the way back we find a mango avenue with loads of rotting and still good mangos in the ditch. We carry as much as we can!

There live about 1.000 people on Maupiti, they grow vegetables and fruits and even huge watermelons!

The afternoon’s another working time. We try to fix the dinghy, again, hopefully it stops being a deflatable, we had to pump all day long. Hannes starts with reparation of the roof, there are some cracks that are so deep that water goes through.
A lot of grinding, oops, the hatches were open, great, we have fiberglass and wooddust just everywhere! Some itching to come up.

Cx takes Pukurini for another islandexploration, ‘Motu Tuanai’. A very long sandbar and interesting plants, there’s fluffy grass that looks like it belongs on a farm instead of salty areas.

On the 23rd we climb the mountain. It’s early but hot already. Then some rain, just enough to get the trail real slippery. But we are wearing proper shoes, yes, even Cx! (We don’t like it though)
The vistas from up there are fantastic, it’s always necessary to climb a bit up to enjoy views of the lagoon but from the top you get a 360 degrees panorama!
In the afternoon we move the boat to get a proper sunset, under the hill it was shady at 5pm. Now that we have an electric windlass it’s so much easier to just move just a bit!

And now we have to decide when to leave. If we leave soon the swell comes from the East, good, but after 2 days the wind dies down, not good. If we wait the swell will move South, not good, and we would be trapped in here, no idea for how long…

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