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Tahiti to Bora Bora/ English

November 21, 2012

We left Tahiti twice but finally made it to Bora Bora.

First we try it on the 8th of Nov., we arrived on the 9th of Oct, it took us one month to sell Pukuri and do the most important repairs, not too bad!

Within the first miles, in the middle of the pass, the stays brake, again! We nearly get heartattacks, the mast starts shaking like crazy, huge swell, OMG, getting ropes into the metalplate is hard, the stays kick around and hurt the fingers.
Well, we make it without losing the mast or fingers! But we are sick for the whole trip.

It’s only 20 miles to Moorea but they are not nice, big waves, in the beginning no wind then strong gusts. After a month on anchor we are not used to sailing anymore!

Moorea is still beautiful, but now there’s also a good looking cat in the anchorage in Opunohu Bay, yes, Pukuri! Jerry decided to spend this season here instead of sailing to Tonga.

We try to fix the stays and find out that also the 16mm wire in front broke, no way we’ll go on with this! Ok, heading back to Tahiti.
Not so easy, a rainy day with strong wind, we make it to Cooks Bay (5 miles!) where we hide till it gets better.

On the 11th we are back. ‘Chi’ our Austrian friend also arrived, so there’s an Austrian package with 3 boats inkluding Rancho Relaxo where we have a great farewell BBQ.

Hannes installs backstays and replaces the wire with dyneema lines, we hope this will work.

On the 15th we leave for good. One night on Moorea with free internet (Yippiieeee), then overnight to Tahaa, we can’t make it further within daylight. Next day an easy sail to Bora Bora.

We want to leave ASAP but Cx has troubles with her Visa card and so we have to wait till the following Monday, and some more to get everything sorted out. It’s not so easy when you’re far off everything!

The plan is to stop on Maupiti (close by), Suwarrow (700 miles more) and then straight to Fiji, or stop in Samoa, depending on weather conditions. We are very late now, storms are forming near Vanuatu, moving South East. Well, now it seems to be fine…

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