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PUKURI is SOLD! & Rancho Relaxo disaster

October 31, 2012

Pukuri is sold!
Cx is sad, what a great boat!

We still have her in front of us, with the new crew working on her, sigh, BUT Optimist is not so bad either 🙂 YES, much more comfortable, but less adventureous and much heavier.
Now it’s like moving around with a whole house, before it was a very lightweight tent with sails always very close to nature. But we can hide inside from all the bad weather!

Good thing is that we got to sail her for one last time.
And Cx is able to keep her beloved Pukurini!
That will make life even better, no more speeding up with the big fat inflatable, Hannes loves it though. It’s clear who’ll be using which dinghy.

Jerry, the new owner will sail her with Javier and Pan to Tonga ASAP where we want to meet up with them.
Depending on how much longer we have to stay here to finish the most important projects (solarpanel, stays, lazy jacks, trampoline).
He will use her for fishing trips around Tonga, perfect as she can go to very shallow places where other boats cannot. And live on Pukuri, some changes are made here already, some more on Tonga (the fridge is working properly now!).

But for us no projects are THAT important now.
We had Austrian friends stay over who nearly lost their boat on a reef. ‘Rancho Relaxo of the Seas’, very sad story.

The boat hit Tetiaroa at night (about 30nm North of Tahiti) and got thrown onto the reef. The whole family had a safe rescue via helicopter and made it back to Papeete. The rescue of the boat was not that easy but could be done.

If you’re interested:

This shows us again how fast it can go and one loses everything. ‘Fritz the Cat’ before, now this, scary.

So we won’t bother with unnecessary things that cost too much time but enjoy sailing and anchoring instead as much as we can! We are still planning on going to Fiji…

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