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Tahiti, two boats, twice the work

October 25, 2012

We are on Tahiti since two weeks, very busy and tired, no time to relax till now! We need holidays!

Hannes went to clear in on the 10th. That got very complicated here, need to go to three different places, one is the Immigration at the airport. And all that with a flat tire on the bicycle!
Good thing we can go far with the new dinghy, he got a pick up close from to airport, no chance for Pukurini with the 2HP engine!

On the 11th we take the bus to Taravao, Pukuri is still here!
Just a bit dirty, but less than we expected, just the cockpit is grey, the hulls inside are very clean and dry. We are positively surprised, not too much to scrub!

The 12th is a rainy day, Hannes dives to get our 4 anchors out, Pukuri didn’t move, everything’s fine! The chain is full with barnacles and algaes, still very stinky in the chainbox! The hulls are a reef as well but the antifouling from St.Martin is great, it’s on since Dec 2010 and the stuff goes off easily!

Early on the 13th we sail up to Papeete.
Eveything’s more easy on this boat, the dimensions are smaller, and she sails better with little wind. But of course it was not comfortable with all the rain!

The pass that was scary last year is very mellow now, little swell, little current. There’s a mooring beside Optimist, we take it. And then the real work begins!

Get our stuff of the boat, the hardest part is to find space on the new boat. Unbelievably how much one can collect on a small boat! Mostly it’s food, this will get less fast.
We throw away plenty of things but still have to dinghy back and forth with loads of stuff.
Diving gear including three tanks, sewing things including the machine, electronic parts including boxes of cables, and so on!

We move a bit every day, the prospect arrives on the 20th, we hurry up.
On the 18th the crew arrives and wants to sleep on board, well, now we are in trouble! We leave some things and remove some more.

We change watermakers, the one from Optimist fits better on Pukuri as it needs less power, a few things need fixing. Chico from the cat ‘Chi’ stays with us for a few days and helps with moving.
One should clear out the boat once a year at least. We have bags full of clothes we will never wear!

And of course while working on Pukuri all the projects on Optimist are on hold, we still have to put the watremaker in and so on…

And watermaker in and out is not that easy, there’s always something missing. Good luck there’s a store in the marina that has pretty much everything we need, Hannes commutes from Optimist to Pukuri to the shore, Cx is busy with moving things on the boat.

Jerry arrives on the 20th, we go sailing, and then we wait for his decision.

And we truly need a VACATION! Maybe we go to Moorea for a few days.

Let me tell you: never own TWO boats!!!!!

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