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Getting ready….

August 8, 2012

Today it’s two month in the Pacific for us, never wanted to stay THAT long, but hey, it’s not so bad in Panama City!

High Tide

Great food, great shopping, not so great weather though. And every day we have fun going ashore as there’s no real pier, just some slippery steps, interesting….

Steps low tide

at high tide you’re nearly on the road, at low tide it’s only a little hop to the dinghy dock. And this tiny red dinghy is worse than our Pukurini!

We had to get a new battery and then found out that the beer’s on sale, so we bought a lot! And then had to put everything on the bicycles. We only ruined one tire!


Hannes is busy with cleaning the hulls, two hours every day, that’s enough, it’s really hard to get those barnacles off!

Today it took us 3 hours to get fuel, first there were too many boats, then we had to go to the office to apply for a permit (????), ok, you only need this if you want more that 75 gallons of diesel, we wanted 25, ok, back to the boat.

Gas Station

Hose onto the boat, well, it’s the first time we refuel, and my, it takes a LOOOOONG time! We can’t see how much there’s inside the tank, and for sure we had diesel just everywhere, yuck, it still stinks, not even scrubbing with dishwashing fluid helped.

Ok, tomorrow Immigration and the last shopping trip, on Friday we try to leave, or maybe on Saturday as there’s still a reef on half a hull!

healthy lunch

And maybe another one of those healthy BBQ chickens, they taste great but you have to suffer for it!

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